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Residential Property Management

Our team specializes in A to Z property management of single-family homes and multi-family investment properties. We serve all of the Central Kentucky area.  Rental property management is a specialty that requires a dedicated team to secure your investment. Professional and experienced leasing agents will provide 100% support to tenants on behalf of the property owner. Lee King Property Management is the sole point of contact for all tenants. Our team has three phases of service; a marketing phase, referral phase and an ongoing property management phase.

Property Management and/or Referral Services Phases

Consultation Phase

(Cost: Free)

  1. Advise clients on the market rent & best “rentable” condition
  2. Discuss service options to meet owner’s needs (referral only or ongoing property management)
  3. Execute appropriate service contracts

Referral PhaseProperty Management & Referral Services

(Cost: One-Time Fee)

  1. Advertise/promote your property for maximum exposure
  2. Show your property to prospective tenants
  3. Evaluate propective tenants
    1. Pre-screen prospective tenants
    2. Schedule viewing appointments and show the property
    3. Have each prospect complete a detailed application
    4. Verify credit, criminal background, employment and rental history
    5. You the owner, make the final informed decision to accept or deny the prospect
    6. Tenant signs all required contracts and documents
      1. Ensure each resident understands their obligations as a tenant
      2. Review a  comprehensive residential lease and have tenant sign
    7. Copies of all paperwork and lease packet for both the owner & tenant
    8. Move-in tenants, complying with all state & local laws to protect owner’s interest

Ongoing Property Management Phase

(Cost: 12-Month Contract, includes marketing, referral & property management)

  1. Collect rents, enforce lease, communicate with tenants as needed
  2. Coordinate needed repairs & hire contractorsProperty Management & Referral Services
  3. Manage tenant issues such as late notices, evictions if needed
  4. Pay bills on owner’s behalf
  5. Provide monthly reports and net proceeds to owners
  6. Perform a tenant move-out walk-through, account for held security deposits and coordinate needed repairs
  7. Send you your rental check!

Nothing is as costly as a vacant piece of property…Let us assist you today!  Choose Lee King Property Management & Referral Services.  Fill out a Owner’s Residential Contact Form.  Click here to get your copy.

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